5 Vehicles Recommended for Australian Outback Adventure

5 Vehicles Recommended for Australian Outback Adventure

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The Aussie outback is commonly regarded as having one of the most unforgiving landscapes known to man. During the summer months, its temperatures can often go to as high as sixty degrees Celsius.

If you are determined to make this trip, one of the most important considerations you will need to make will be on your choice of vehicle. While the Subaru outback happens to be a popular choice, which other vehicle models can you consider?

1. Ford Falcon Station Wagon

The Falcon was considered a popular outback car in Australia during the late 80s and early 90s. its modest styling and large size make it ideal for both countryside farmers and suburban families.

When the Ute emerged, the popularity of the Falcon began to drop. However, Ford was able to manufacture one last model in the year 2016. This is one car that you can expect to come across during your trip to Australia as it is considered ideal for long road trips.

It comes with a large boot that can easily fit your luggage and is spacious enough to accommodate up to four travellers. Over the years, the Falcon has developed a strong reputation for being reliable.

Even if it breaks down in the course of your trip, you can rest assured that you will be able to source for parts with ease.

2. Subaru Outback

The 2019 Subaru Outback is the perfect car for those days when you just want to go outside and have some fun with your car. The SUV provides you with a good ground clearance level of up to 8.7 inches, making it easier for you and your travelling buddies to traverse all kinds of road conditions and terrains during your adventure.

Its designers have included a Symmetrical AWD system that helps add greater control to your commute in spite of the weather conditions that may be prevailing at the time. Another important feature to note is its ability to tow up to 2,700 pounds. What this means is that you can easily bring with you a trailer filled with all the commodities you will need during the trip.

3. VW Kombi Van

The Kombi van is an outback vehicle that was first manufactured in the 50s. Since then, many car collectors are slowly seeking it in a bit to include it in their collections.

What this basically means is that you can expect its starting point to be out of your financial reach if travelling on a budget. But if you happen to have piles of cash sitting around, you are likely to recuperate most of your cash when you sell the van at the end of your trip.

Some of the used versions of the van that you will come across have been altered by their current and past owners. The alterations have focused on including cooking facilities and sleeping spaces.

Taking into account that some of the areas you will likely travel through are expensive, it will help to be able to save a significant amount of food and accommodation.

4. Toyota Dual-Cab/ Hilux Ute

The Toyota Hilux Dual-cab made history in Australia a few years ago when it was named as one of the best selling cars in the country. The surprising point was that this was the very first time that ute was winning an award.

Many of the versions available in today’s roads include dual-cabs. The Hilux was first introduced in the 60s when Australians were looking for hardy cars that could handle any terrain with ease.

Its rugged dependability, therefore, means that it is hard for you to look beyond this car when your main interest lies in exploring the Australian outback. In addition, it comes with a ride height that will allow you to travel off-road without damaging its underside.

5. 4WD Van

During your exploration of the Outback, you will soon realize that it is not awash with luxury accommodation. It, therefore, makes sense to consider investing in a van that has the 4WD capability.

This is also a van that comes with enough space for you to easily fit a mattress. The cabin space in these vans is normally limited, which means that this van is best used by couples travelling together.

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