How to Prepare Your Classic Car for an Outback Road Trip

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As we are in the middle of summer it is the best time to take that road trip, driving to destinations that are far away from our homes. A road trip will present to you an amazing summer experience full of activities and memories. One particular road trip that should be on top of your to-do list is the Australian Outback road trip. What better way to see wildlife and the nations’ beauty than through an unforgettable road trip. Before you start thinking of all the fun you will have you need to ensure your car is prepared whether old cars or a four-wheel-drive. The unsealed isolated roads of Outback need to be well prepared for and that comes in the important question of, what car to take? If you want to experience your classic road trip in style hire vintage car in Gold Coast has met all you need. Proper preparation of your classic car for the road trip cannot go unsaid, to prevent mishaps in the long trip car restoration is an essential part of the Outback safety. So how do you prepare your classic car for an outback road trip? By following the tips below.

Essential Tips on Preparing Your Classic Car for an Outback Road Trip

     1. Plan a route

For a vintage car, a route with numerous hills and unfavourable weather will be a difficult one. This does not mean you cannot enjoy the drive, especially in a classic car. Plan a route that will best suit your vintage car as well as the one that will provide minimal strain to your car. Downloading the police link and Emergency plus App will help you to be ready for anything. Should you be caught in an emergency these services will help other people locate your GPS location and thus get help.

       2. Take a road test

Taking your classic car out for a road test will allow you to see how the car operates. The Outback terrain is rough and you should take a road test in similar terrain to make sure your car will perfectly manage it. Before your trip, you should get your car in different road conditions such as highway roads and city streets. This will help you to see what may go wrong and what adjustments need to be done before you start your road trip. Also, you will be able to know how the car functions in different circumstances and be well prepared to handle it.

     3. Ensure your classic car properly

Have a look at the insurance policy of your classic car and make sure it may cover any damages that may arise from the Outback road trip. The majority of classic car policies only cover short distances since policyholders assume that vintage cars are used for occasional drives. Also, many classic cars have a drive limit policy of the number of kilometres to be driven thus exceeding this may run you into trouble with your policyholder. If your insurance covers roadside assistance it will be even better because your classic car will get the special handling it deserves.

     4. Take breaks

The outback road trip is a long trip that can easily wear you off. With the odd mirage to contend with taking regular breaks is essential. If you have a travel buddy it would be very helpful if you both took breaks and let each other rest. Travelling too far one day is not recommended especially if you are alone. As soon as you become tired to take some pit stops for meals, stretch a little, take a pee and refuel. Taking breaks after every couple of hours will ensure you stay alert for obstacles and road signs.

Inspect your car

Since you are taking a long trip you need to make sure that every single part of your classic car is in perfect condition. The following are key parts to be checked before the trip.

  • Tires: To minimise wear you should keep the tires at optimum air pressure. Replace old and worn out tires and do not forget to check that the spare tires are in perfect condition.
  • Brakes: Ensure the master cylinder contains the correct level of the brake fluid. Do not forget the brake pads, if worn out replace them and if there are any signs of the brake fluid leaking repair it.
  • Cooling systems: The Outback heat will give your cooling system a run for its money. Before a long road trip, you may consider flushing the cooling system and replace it with fresh fluid. Check on the radiator and ensure it is working properly.

Once home takes note of the kilometres driven and at the very least you will want to wash your car. This road trip will give you the perfect opportunity to have a car and a classic experience. With any robust car, you can take a road trip, but it is no secret that classic cars are a completely amazing experience especially in the outback.


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