5 Best Outback Towns for A Road Trip Around Australia

5 Best Outback Towns for A Road Trip Around Australia

Are you planning a road trip around Australia? If yes, then you need to ensure you visit some of the best and unique outback towns in the country. You will get to experience some deep history, mind-blowing culture, stunning sites, and extreme weather conditions with temperatures that top 50 degrees Celsius. Here are five Australian outback towns.

1. Streaky Bay

Streaky Bay is situated at the Eyre Peninsula’s westwards end, at the centre of nowhere. The town is an ideal location for resting while you are on your outback adventures in Australia. Some great attractions that you will experience include an aesthetic waterfront and the Streaky Bay Museum. Other great sites include the Point Labatt Conservation Park and the Westall Way Scenic Drive. The former site is a residence for a permanent sea lion colony that will make our stay memorable.

2. Birdsville

Australian outback tours are always amazing when you visit a quirky pub. At Birdsville, you can hit more than a few quirky pubs. You can have your favourite drink at the most remote pubs in the region. On your way from Brisbane to this remote town, you will have the chance to visit the Main Range National Park. The town offers an amazing view of the Simpson Desert as you stand on the Big Red Sand Dune.

3. Broken Hill

This town operates on South Australian time due to its proximity to the region. This town is a mining city in the outback of New South Wales. After a long period of outback driving, the town offers you a chance to rest, restock, and refuel. With plenty of entertainment, you can chill in this laid back town for a few days. You can view stunning sculptures and pretty native flora at the Living Desert Sanctuary and Sculptures.

You can also pay a visit to the Royal Flying Doctor Service and the School of Air to learn the medical treatment and education of children in this remote outback respectively. A great event that you would not want to miss is the Broken Hill Festival, which is among the many events that will offer you amazing entertainment. This town is 13 hours from Sydney and 5 hours from Adelaide. Whether you use a train or drive yourself, you will experience a great adventure.

4. Coober Pedy

This is one of the top unique towns in Australia and the world. The town is intriguing with a hot and dry climate. It is one of the driest and hottest places on earth. Also, it has plenty of opals. People who want this mineral are keen to stay in the town to find it, but the living conditions prove to be extremely hard. Due to these harsh living conditions, many residents have built their homes underground. Other than visiting the underground homes and churches, you can drink in underground bars and play in underground game rooms. You can dine in the number five pizza restaurant in Australia, visit the Kangaroo Sanctuary and Aboriginal art gallery, and see the longest fence in the world.

5. Silverton

This is a dusty outback town situated against the attractive Mundi Mundi Plains. The town has been a backdrop for numerous classic Australian movies, including The Adventures of Priscilla-Queen of the Desert, Mission Impossible II, and Mad Max. You can enjoy a cold beer at the Silverton Pub where you can see photos and antiques from the films.

Also, you will see a Mad Max car outside the quirky pub before visiting the Mad Max museum. From a population of over 3,000 people during the 1800s silver mining boom, the town now has a population of fewer than 50 people.


As you engage in planning a road trip around Australia, be sure to visit any of these five outback towns. Also, ensure you service your car, plan your route for the long distance driving, and share the drive if possible; the more, the merrier. And don’t forget to remain entertained the whole time.


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