The Awning Cost and Types Guide in 2020

The Awning Cost and Types Guide in 2020

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Love baking in the sun? It’s necessary to protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun by wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. Without any of these items, you’ll come home looking cooked in addition to uncomfortable itching.

Similarly, your house needs awning that provides shade to your door, window, and furniture sitting beneath. Canopies come in various sizes, materials, and shapes. Also, an awning can be permanent or temporary, retractable, or stationary.

These factors determine awning installation cost and the lifetime of that awning.

Types of awnings

An awning is attached on one end outside of the house while the other purpose runs over the patio or deck. But, this is not always the case as some are left to stand alone as canopies. Here are types of awnings:

  • Retractable: this type of shelter folds up, giving you room for flexibility. Spread it to block the sun, rain, and other elements and fold up when you want to sock in the sun.
  • Motorized: with a touch of a button, awning rolls over and fold-back depending on the original position canopy. Undeniably, this feature makes this type of awning relatively expensive.
  • Stationary: want something permanent outside your house? A fixed awning is a stable structure attached to the outside of your home. It requires high-quality materials that stand against rain, winds, and hot sun for a long time.
  • A portable awning is movable from one point to another, characterized by non-sturdiness.

Window awning looks like a decorative feature, but there is more to it. Besides the beauty, window awning prevents the sun from going into your house, thus minimalizing air conditioning costs.

How much can you spend on the awning?

As earlier mentioned, the price of an awning depends on several factors, including the level of customization. For example, the folding arm awnings price could be $400 because it’s a manually operated awning. A motorized awning can cost $400 more than the manually operated awning.

Again, if one motorized awning span a wide area than another, the cost also is more for the first awning. Unlike other awnings where you can DIY, motorized awning requires professional installation because you’ll need an electrician to wire the motor.

Retractable Awning

Retractable awning prices vary depending on the type of material (canvas, others) you choose, the size, and customization too. With a sleek design and quality of the material, the price can range from$100. A non-retractable canopy similar to installation outside a window or an entrance of a restaurant can cost from $100. The price can go below this, depending on the quality of the material comprising the canopy.

Another cost you need to consider is the installation. Some companies charge you per square foot while another may install for free if you buy the awnings from them. Whichever the case, the installation cost can be as little as you’d love or more depending on the design of your house. Expect to pay from $6 per square foot and budget for more cost when you buy a motorized awning since you’ll need an electrician.

Do I require a permit to install awning?

In most countries, you’ll have to seek a license, especially if you hope to install awning in a commercial building. The same might apply in some residential buildings, primarily if the canopy extends beyond 54inches past the exterior wall of your house. With that said, you might spend between $25 and $100 for a permit.

To find out how much you’ll spend on your awning, measure the depth and width you wish it to cover. Consider the style and the level of customization you need and look up the designs from the company website you want to order your piece.

Final Thoughts

Use the cost of this article as a guide. Get customized quotes from Awnings by Design Company as they are more accurate.


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