How to Prepare Your Truck for Desert Travel

How to Prepare Your Truck for Desert Travel

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One of the best parts of owning a truck is the ability to take it anywhere. Mountains, mud puddles, and the tundra all become new paths for you to blaze when you own a durable truck that can take you there and back. However, like any tool, you need to be able to know how to utilize your truck effectively. When entering a harsh environment like a desert, truck owners should know what to look out for so that their journey into the desert doesn’t end with an empty water bottle and a tow truck being two hours away.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to prepare your truck so that it can withstand all the problems that a desert can pose. This will include post-care for your truck, as any environment can have lasting effects on a vehicle’s health if they aren’t addressed. Without saying anymore, let’s dive into it.

     1. Air Conditioning Maintenance

The most obvious danger of desert travel is the heat that you’ll encounter. Temperatures can reach extreme heights when the sun is out, so you’re definitely going to want an air conditioner that won’t quit on you right when the going gets tough. To help make sure your air conditioner stays running, you can do a few things before taking your truck out. Cleaning your radiator fins, inspecting your compressor, and letting your defogger run after the AC has run for a while can all help keep your truck in prime shape.

     2. Keep Those Tires In Shape

Desert trips mean you’ll be driving over terrain that usually isn’t maintained very well – if at all. What this means for your tires is that they may be driving over sharp rocks and other natural materials, all of which can spell trouble for a tire that isn’t properly inflated. Ensuring your tires are at their correct air volume is a must if you’ll be doing significant off-roading in a desert environment. Checking them after coming out of the desert is also a must, as you might find some slight damage or puncturing that went unnoticed.

     3. Ensure Your Drive Belt is Functional

Your drive belt is an important part of your truck, being what keeps many parts of your engine functioning. It’s made of rubber, which can be weakened and warped when exposed to high heat for long periods. If you frequently drive out into the desert, then you should be routinely inspecting your drive belt and checking it for signs of wear and tear. Experts say that only two cracks in your drive belt could mean it’s time for a replacement, especially in the summer.

General Summary

After coming out of the desert or any harsh environment, checking your truck over for signs of damage is paramount to keep it running. It can be a good idea to clean your vehicle after desert exposure as well, as dirt, sand, and grit can get into places you might not want it to be. Truck washing can be an arduous process to complete for an individual, but that’s why expert truck wash services exist. Taking your vehicle to a professional to ensure it’s properly taken care of can be the difference between a truck that lasts a lifetime and one that doesn’t.


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