Getting Married in Broken Hill | Outback Wedding Venues & Ideas

Getting Married in Broken Hill | Outback Wedding Venues & Ideas

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The perfect wedding is about knowing how to time the different aspects together to create a seamless transition from one to the other. From picking the right venue that matches the theme to the choice of dress, everything has to be in harmony. For a couple in Broken Hill, achieving all this calls for a bit more work than your conventional wedding. Broken Hill is a mining city with a rich history in the country’s economic development. Locally called the Capital of the Outback, the area has a few nice attractions like the Living Desert Sculptures. As with most regions in the outback, getting everything you need for the big day can be a logistical nightmare and having a wedding planner is a great idea


Getting the Venue 


A wedding in the Australian Outback is different from other destinations. For one, outback wedding venues don’t come with the typical backgrounds that you find in other cities. Most of the area is surrounded by a semi-desert, which means you have to get creative. Farms are a favourite for bush weddings because the ceremony and reception can be in the same place. A couple that wants the authentic bush wedding experience is better suited by an outdoor venue. Broken Hill has a few places that serve as function rooms if you prefer an indoors setting. You can still pick a closed venue with an outdoor area for children to run around and adults to get some fresh air. A planner can help you pick the most appropriate venue, depending on the number of guests, budget and wedding theme. 


Deciding on the Theme 


As a wedding destination, the Outback offers many opportunities to try out unique ideas. Barn weddings are a common choice due to the rustic style of the region. You can customise a barn to your style like adding an artificial garden to create a contrast against the brown of the desert. The secret to pulling off outback wedding ideas is to incorporate different styles that represent the personality of the bride and groom. 


Finding the Right Help 


Not every wedding planner will understand your vision. Before you hire professional help, look at the previous projects that they have covered. Has the events company ever handled a wedding in the Outback? Do they know how to deal with the numerous challenges like transporting equipment and flowers in advance to avoid delays? Also, ask if a planner offers wedding packages that bundle all the services you need. 


Budgeting for the Wedding 


Without proper caution, wedding expenses can run away from you. One big challenge of having a wedding in the Australia Outback is how far everything is. The flowers you need maybe 400 km away, the best cooker and baker could be 300 in the opposite direction, and maybe, you want to get your gown and suits from Sydney, 1,100 km away. Transport costs can add up very fast. Before you even hire a wedding planner, you have to know the budget. Consider the guest list when planning the expenses because that will dictate which outback wedding venues to focus on, the catering and their transportation needs. 


It takes a mountain of work to have everything working together during a wedding. Take the time to find outback wedding ideas that will not cause logistical challenges, always have a budget and get expert assistance.



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