How to Get to Broken Hill from Gold Coast

How to Get to Broken Hill from Gold Coast

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A trip from Gold Coast to Broken Hill is a long ride. Nevertheless, it is an excursion taken by travellers quite often. Stopping along the way makes the trip more enjoyable and easier to take. The distance between Broken Hill and the Gold Coast is 1000 miles or 16 km. 

There are actually five options when you are thinking on how to get to Broken Hill from the Gold Coast: flying, train, bus, car hire, and driving yourself. The trip can be long when driving, but along the way, there are many things to do and see. Therefore, a traveller can get to their destination straight away or linger in route.

By Bus

Travel by bus from the Gold Coast to Broken Hill and prepare to relax on the long ride. This mode of transportation arrives at Surfer Paradise twice daily, travelling from the Gold Coast a bus takes 36 hrs 12 mins. However, traveling on the bus from Brisbane takes 27 hrs 25 mins.

By Plane

The journey is 769 miles in flight or 1237 km. This will only take 2 hours and 2 minutes out of a day. Therefore, how you travel has more to do with the amount of time and money you are willing to spend on a trip. When flying a traveller must think about airport checkpoints before boarding the plane. When venturing on how to get to Broken Hill, some people are fortunate enough to have personal planes but these ideas involve average travel.

Travelling from the Gold Coast Airport to Brisbane Airport (BNE) is 1 hour 7 mins. This is a change from the wait time of two hours in the Broken Hill Airport for security scrutiny. You can find The Gold Coast Airport map here and there are plenty of car parking at Gold Coast airport such as Reddy Airport Parking where you can leave your car and take their free shuttle to Gold Coast airport. Gold Coast passengers can smoothly move on to Brisbane by plane then onto Broken Hill by bus, car, or train. You can use long term parking at the Gold Coast airport if you prefer to access the train or bus to Broken Hill.

By Car

If you love seeing the sights along the way, travelling by car might prove a thrilling expedition. However, if you are pressed for time or only have eyes for Broken Hill, flying might be your mode of transportation.

The whole deal takes about seven hours once a traveller reaches Brisbane. Although flight time is far less from The Gold Coast, a traveller preparing to take a trip to Broken Hill will know how to plan their day.

Driving takes 16 hrs 22 mins with no stops. This equates to 994 miles or a distance of 1600 km with no stopping. However, driving 16 hours and 39 min with no stops for one driver is terribly tiring. 

Naturally, there is the cost of petrol, snacks, and hotels if you choose to stop but this depends largely on the people taking the excursion.

The distance given can turn into more with road conditions and style of driving. In addition driving for ten hours, let alone 16 to 18 hours might become a perilous expedition. Conquering 600 miles on the road is a major feat when driving alone. 

So, unless you have a pal to share the driving, plan to make stops along the route to rest. Even professionals would find travel-weary after a 16 to 18 hour stretch of driving. 

Drivers might want to stop in Cobar, Moree, Goondiwindi or Warwick during the drive from the Gold Coast.  There are also many caravan parks listed here.

Rest for a wild in Willandra National Park, visit the Holy Trinity Church in Goondiwindi or stop in for a little shopping in Warwick.

Hire a Car

Gold Coast airport parking has a large area for long term parking. Travelling by car hire depends on the way you want to spend your time along the way. The trip is the same as a car ride: however, you will be free to look at the sites as you ride along a bit easier.

By Train

The train route of 8 hrs 14 mins is a combination of train and flying. Once you arrive in Brisbane from the Gold Coast you can get on the train. The trip takes 28 hrs 11 mins with a 1-hour transfer. This gives a traveller a chance to look at a bit of the Australian countryside; the train presents a fantastic opportunity for natural scenery.


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