5 Routes You Can Make A Road Trip To Broken Hill

5 Routes You Can Make A Road Trip To Broken Hill

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Broken Hill has developed into a major centre for adventurous excursions in the Outback of New South Wales. Driving there is a great way to see even more of the unique Australian landscape. Extensive highways make the Broken Hill road conditions easy to negotiate. If you’re visiting from abroad, remember to drive on the left side of two-way roads.

1. Mildura To Broken Hill

Mildura To Broken Hill

The area around Mildura is known for its fruit orchards and fresh produce. The town is approximately 300km from Broken Hill offering one of the fastest journey times to reach the Outback. Both of the two main roads that lead directly there, the Calder Highway and the Silver City Highway, are well maintained with a bitumen surface that makes travelling easy and trouble free. The town of Wentworth is situated midway between Mildura and Broken Hill and has facilities for refreshments and refuelling. As an alternative, drive alongside the stirring scenery of the Murray River as far as Wentworth before continuing on the Silver City Highway to Broken Hill.

2. Sydney To Broken Hill

Sydney To Broken Hill

A road trip from Sydney to Broken Hill is never dull as the 1200km drive can take several paths to the main town of the Outback. One drive takes in the spectacular scenery of the Mungo National Park. First head towards Riverina which is reached from the Wagga Wagga turning on the Sturt Highway. The journey is ideal for visiting Balranald and Darlington Point before enjoying the breathtaking views of Lake Mungo in the National Park. Heading out again for the next stage to Menindee Lakes is along unsealed roads which can cause problems in heavy rainfall and are then best avoided. Continue on the Silver City Highway which leads directly to Broken Hill. Alternatively, travel from Sydney across the impressive Blue Mountains via stretches of the Castlereagh, Barrier and Mitchell Highways. Then travel through Nyngan and Wicannia before reaching Broken Hill.

3. Adelaide To Broken Hill

Adelaide to Broken Hill

There are several options when driving from Adelaide covering a distance of around 600km. Aim for Burra which provides easy access to the excellent sealed road surface of the Barrier Highway. It runs through Australia’s finest vineyards in the Barossa Valley. Choose to drive on to the fruit growing area of Mildura or head for Blanchetown on the Murray River. From Wentworth follow the unsealed roads through the picturesque Lake Mungo area or if there is rainfall due, opt for the Silver City Highway directly to Broken Hill.

4. Dubbo To Broken Hill

Dubbo To Broken Hill

It is an easy 800km drive from Dubbo when taking the Mitchell Highway to Broken Hill. Typically of the Outback region, there are several places to stop for refreshments and refuelling and even a stopover. Caravan parks, camping sites and a variety of motels and hotels are situated at Narromine, Trangie and Nevertire. At Nyngan turn west onto the Barrier Highway passing through the small towns of Hermidale, Cobar and Wicannia before reaching Broken Hill.

5. Melbourne To Broken Hill

Melbourne To Broken Hill

Melbourne to Broken Hill by car is around 850km. For an adventurous journey follow the Murray River via the Long Paddock with towns such as Ivanhoe, Deniliquin and Hay. Once Wicannia has been reached turn from the Cobb Highway to the Barrier Highway and on to Broken Hill. Alternatively, follow the Calder Highway to Wentworth and enjoy spectacular scenery where the rivers Darling and Murray converge. If the dirt roads are in good condition continue through to the Mungo National Park. Otherwise travel directly to Broken Hill along the Silver City Highway.

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