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One of the most time consuming and difficult tasks that hotel housekeepers have is the steam cleaning. It is not something that has to be done every day, but when it is time to get the place really clean this is one of the roughest tasks on the list. While calling in a professional steam cleaner is always an option, whether it is the right decision is based on a number of considerations. How much area needs to be cleaned? Does the hotel have enough staff to do it? And of course there are the reputations of the surrounding companies to consider.

Once the decision has been made if the cleaning will be done in-house or out it is time to start preparing for the task. Either way, a proper amount of time needs to be set to complete the task in every carpeted room or area. From the lobby to the workout room there is a lot of area that will require steam cleaning. It is best to give it adequate time and do it right the first time.
Carpets are not the only thing that need a good steam cleaning. To thoroughly clean, mattresses and furniture should also receive attention from the steam cleaners. The extra time and energy spent on this is well worth it when guests sit down without creating small dust storms.
One of the primary reasons guests decide not to return to a hotel is because of odd smells, something that can easily be avoided with a good cleaning several times a year. Of course that also means that they are likely to be unhappy with a strong chemical smell too. One thing that should be considered before using steam cleaners is what is needed to get the job done. Some cleaners do not require any chemicals, relying on the heat and water to do the work.
Before work really gets started, each area should be inspected for stains and discoloration that may need special attention. It might be best to start with these areas and return to them a second time at the end. If the problem is discoloration, rearranging the furniture can actually help cover the blemish. With proper cleaning, carpets and furniture will have a longer life than if they are left to collect dust, dirt, and stains.

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