Where is Broken Hill NSW?

Where is Broken Hill Located?

Where is Broken Hill in Australia located you ask? Well, Broken Hill is the name of a remote city which is located in the western outback region of New South Wales in Australia. Broken Hill is situated close to the border of South Australia, and it’s approximately 680 miles away from Sydney and 11 miles away from Adelaide.

Broken Hill History

Broken Hill has a rich and varied history. It’s often nicknamed “the silver City’, the “oasis of the West” and even “the capital of the Outback because of its culture and past. Once home to indigenous settlers known as the Wilajakali, Broken Hill soon became a silver and lead mining town. When reserves got low, the town turned to steel mining. Nowadays the precious metals in the area are diminishing, yet the industry still stands with mining sites yielding around 2 millions tonnes a year.

Broken Hill Tourism

From art sites to pretty parks, there are plenty of things to do in Broken Hill area. Broken Hill attractions include visits to some of the past mining operations, hikes, wagon rides, the Silverton Camel Farm, visits to lakes, quarries and more. Art-lovers are catered for with the Pro Hart Art Gallery, which features a range of paintings, a painted Rolls Royce Shadow and a sculpture garden. At night, many quaint bars open-up and provide an idyllic spot to enjoy a drink or two with friends. There are also a handful of small clubs that offer live music and a homely atmosphere.

No visit to Broken Hill is complete without a trip to one of the many stunning National Parks which are dotted around the area. Mutawintji National Park has a camping site as well as information on the history of the sacred land. Another popular spot is Kinchega National Park which also features a campground as well as a lake and a Kangaroo park.

It’s interesting to know that Broken Hill is largely powered by solar panels. Because of its high proportion of sunlight, this eco-friendly option works well for the city. The Broken Hill Solar Plant is located on the outskirts of the city, and visitors are able to take a trip and tour there. With all these attractions, it’s no surprise that Broken Hill was the first city to be included as a whole on the National Heritage List.

Broken Hill has excellent transportation links, so you’ll have no problem getting to and from the city. It is served by the Great Southern railroad. The nearest airport is Broken Hill Airport which has frequent flights to major cities in Australia including Adelaide and Melbourne. If you’re driving, there are many major roads which link the city to hotspots in Nsw and beyond. Local bus transportation is provided by Murton’s City Bus, whole a minibus service for further destination is offered by Buses R Us.

Accommodation in Broken Hill, NSW comes in a range prices. There are budget guest houses and small B&Bs available for those on a smaller budget, while larger luxury hotels are also available.

Broken Hill Map