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hotel chefHotel chef jobs are plentiful in Australia, and experienced chefs are in high demand. The Australian Visa Bureau has a procedure that must be followed when applying to immigrate. Migration consultants provide services for skilled workers who want to move to Australia. In order to have immigration agents assist you with your application, your occupation must be listed on the Skilled Occupations List under one of the General Skilled Migration categories when you apply.

Chef positions are one of the nominated skills on the SOL. ( more in-depth information here on Hunt Migration’s blog) One of the jobs of Australian immigration agents is to assist skilled workers with the immigration process. For your application to be valid, it’s necessary to have a skills assessment. The Trades Recognition Authority is the agency that assesses cooks and chefs.

According to migration consultants, there is a specific checklist of requirements which must be satisfied. The applicant must first be classified as a cook, then work supervised for an additional 3 years. The Trades Recognition Authority must have verification that there was formal training and the claim must be validated by accompanying documents. Additional documentation includes:

  • Verification of work experience
  • Three years chef experience or apprenticeship
  • Australian standards skills and technical knowledge
  • Australian education or equivalent training

Australian Standard Classification of Occupations or ASCO, is very specific about the job description for a chef. The chef must be able to keep an active roster of staff. The chef supervises staff in the kitchen and is responsible for the equipment used. The chef also prepares food and demonstrates techniques to the kitchen staff. The chef also portions food, adds garnishes, and makes sure each dish is attractively prepared.

According to migration consultants, you can earn a Bachelor’s in Hotel Management, then go on to specialise in food preparation and cooking. If you enjoy cooking and experimenting with new dishes, this may be the career for you. Many chefs have at least some experience, but others are hired as trainees and work their way up.Working as a hotel chef is a demanding, but very rewarding career for the right kind of person. Usually additional hours are required during holidays and for special events, but it’s definitely worth it if preparing and cooking food is your passion.

Registered immigration agents in Australia can provide you with any professional assistance you need in searching for the ideal hotel chef job. They can work with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to make the entire process easier.

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