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Purchasing a Hotel can be a great investment. You are seeking a good investment that will be a financial success. Purchasing a Hotel that is pest infected can be purchasing a major headache and compensation should be included in the selling price. Therefore, you should consider a building and pest inspection as a significant component of buying the building. You want to see a building inspection report before you conclude any deal to buy a Hotel.

A building inspection report will provide you with the pest control information. Whether there is a pest problem or not when you buy the Hotel, you will need ongoing building and pest inspection. Pests can invade a building at anytime.

Where do the pests come into the building? Pests can come into a building through unsealed doors, window, and cracks in building’s foundation. These entries can be very small spaced. It is highly recommended that these entry spaced be sealed and eliminated as best as possible. This could be expensive and include new windows and doors as well as sealing cracks in the foundation.

It may be impossible to seal the building completely to prevent pests from entering the Hotel. It might be necessary to have a pest control agency provide pest elimination. Pest elimination can involved spraying substances that kill the pests. These substances are toxic to the pests and kill them. Unfortunately, some of these substances are toxic to people as well. There is a range of pest control substances. Currently, there are more pest control substances that are “green.” Green pest control substances attack the pests but these substances are not toxic to children and adult guests at the Hotel.

For example, cockroaches are a big problem in urban communities. It is very difficult to rid a building of cockroaches. They have nests deep in the building that makes it hard for pest control people to find. Even if all nests are found and eliminated, it remains difficult to keep the building completely free of cockroaches because the building next door has cockroaches. The cockroaches in the next building will re-infect the Hotel with cockroaches. An innovative solution is boric acid. Not only does boric acid kill cockroaches, but the cockroaches run back to their nests with the boric acid on their feet. This kills all the cockroaches in the nest. Boric acid is completely safe for children, adults and family pets.

The hotel manager should work collaboratively with the pest control company to select innovative products to eliminate the pests. This is an ongoing process.

If you’re considering purchasing a hotel in Melbourne and would like to hire a building inspection service to inspect the hotel, Home First Property Inspections will be your best choice.

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