7 Tips for Planning A Campervan Road Trip for the First Time

7 Tips for Planning A Campervan Road Trip for the First Time

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Have you ever thought about going on a campervan road trip? It is an exciting experience to fall asleep out in the wild and wake up to the fantastic sounds of birds chirping before beginning your hike. Motorhomes provide a unique experience of taking your home on the road and traversing the countryside. You can extend your trip for as long as you want and tag your loved ones for the journey. However, despite the benefits, it can seem like a tall order for first-time solo campervan travellers. With a little planning, you can have a fantastic experience on a campervan trip. The following tips will come in handy when you are planning:


1. Find a Suitable Campervan


Motorhomes are available in various types, makes, and models. Therefore, before buying ensure it suits your lifestyle and allows you to have maximum fun. For instance, does it have enough bunk beds and storage space? The campervan should have adequate space for your companions so that they get enough rest during the trip. If your pet is accompanying you, the vehicle should be pet-friendly. Once you have found a perfect match, rent instead of buying. Renting for a few weeks may seem expensive, but it will give you adequate time to familiarise yourself with the motorhome and discover the challenges of using it.


2. Take Time to Master How the Utilities Work


Before you begin your journey, it is vital to understand everything about the campervan. Find out when the vehicle was last serviced and confirm the weight to ensure you can drive it with your driver’s licence. Check how the heating, electricity, gas, and water work, and if the supply is adequate for your trip. Apart from inspecting the utilities, confirm the essentials available and make a list of the items you should add. The last things you want is to find out you do not have some kitchen equipment in the middle of nowhere.


3. Plan Your Route


While campervan travel offers you flexibility, you should have a rough idea of the direction to take. That requires planning the routes and finding out if it is possible to traverse the roads. In Australia, Broken Hill is one of the best destinations. There are many routes which you can take a road trip to Broken Hill. It would be best if you also decided on the camping sites and overnight stop locations. With an itinerary in mind, you can map out your journey and find fun activities to do along the way. You should also download a map of the routes you are taking, in case you lack internet out in the wild.


4. Make Room for Unexpected Changes in Plans


Travelling in a campervan offers some flexibility. You do not have to rush to get to a pre-booked tour or check in to a hotel; you should also be flexible with your plans. If you see a beautiful spot along the road and you would like to stop, do not hesitate. You can also decide to stay an extra night at a camping site. Driving a large vehicle is tiresome, and you may need to rest after a few hours. Your schedule should allow for a couple of stops on the way.


5. Have a Packing List


Packing is never easy, even if it is for a short trip. You always end up forgetting an essential item, and that could dampen your camping spirit. However, if you make a packing list, you will have all the essentials, and you can focus on having fun. Make a thoughtful list beginning with personal effects like sunscreen, shampoo, and hygienic wipes. Your kitchen essentials should include a knife, leftover containers, chopping boards, and kitchen towels.


6. Make a Meal Plan


It is easy to eat junk food every day when travelling on a campervan. However, you can also find yourself scrounging through an empty mini-fridge for something to eat. In order to ensure you remain healthy and eat a variety of food types, you need to plan your meals. While you do not need a meal plan for the entire trip, you should round up essential ingredients for multiple meals. Get camper trailer kitchens that have adequate storage. Therefore, you can prep some food and store them in the cooler and stock extra snacks for the journey. You should select dishes that are easy to cook and carry enough treats for bonfires and hiking. If you have a slide-out camper kitchen, you can have barbecues some of the nights.


7. Stay Organised


Clutter leads to stress, and that is the last thing you want during your trip. Make sure you arrange everything before departure and look for secure spots for fragile items. Along the road, put away things when you are done with them to ensure everything is at its designated location, and the campervan is neat.


Living in a motorhome is both exciting and intimidating for first-timers. However, if you follow the above tips, you are on to a perfect start to your trip.



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